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Transform Your Vehicle's Exterior

Vinyl, Rubber, and Trim

Introducing our brand new water-based vinyl, rubber, and trim coating - the perfect solution for keeping your vehicle's exterior looking great! Whether you're looking to enhance the shine of your tires or give your trim a sleek new finish, our coating is easy to apply and delivers amazing results.

Amazing Transformation Potential

With our specially designed easy-to-use bottle, application is a breeze. Simply wipe the coating onto your vehicle's exterior and watch as it transforms your rubber and trim. The shine is undeniable, and your vehicle will look like it just rolled off the lot.

Legendary Protection

Our coating is specially formulated to provide long-lasting protection against the elements. It repels water and other contaminants, keeping your vehicle's exterior clean and fresh for longer.

Environmentally Friendly

Not just for cars, our coating is perfect for trucks, motorcycles, and more. And, with its water-based formula, it's better for the environment than many other similar products on the market. So why wait? Give your vehicle the shine it deserves with our water-based vinyl, rubber, and trim coating today!

An All-In-On Rejuvination Solution

Use VRT on your faded trim, bumper plastics, tires, engine bay, bare-plastic pieces, and more. When you use VRT, you bring back that factory-new shine to your car and surprise people when you tell them the reading on the odometer.

The Results Speak For Themself.

Transparency is where we come on top of our competition. We don't hide the results. Our water-based dressing leaves trim and plastics full of color without adding a greasy, oily texture.