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Revamp Your Paints Hydrophobicity & Protection

Safe On All Painted/Coated Surfaces

Crafted with a cutting-edge blend of polymers and nanotechnology, Secret Labs Ceramic Spray features an advanced silicon dioxide formula that offers a highly concentrated DIY ceramic coating. This superior coating drastically reduces the ability of contaminants to streak, scratch, and degrade your clear coat and vehicle paint, while also creating an extremely hydrophobic barrier that repels water from the surface and requires less time and effort to dry your vehicle.

Easy and Effective

Secret Labs Ceramic Spray is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy and effective way to protect their car's paint job. Its powerful formula creates an invisible, long-lasting shield that not only looks great, but also provides professional-grade protection against contaminants and other harmful elements.

Environmentally Friendly

Secret Labs Ceramic Spray is not only a powerful and effective solution for paint protection, but it's also an environmentally friendly choice. Unlike other harsh chemical coatings, our ceramic spray uses a non-toxic formula that is safe for the environment and your car. So you can keep your vehicle looking great without having to worry about any negative impact on the planet.

Impressive Versatility

Once applied, Secret Labs Ceramic Spray creates an invisible, airtight shield that provides protection against acids, alkalis, and abrasives that would normally damage your clearcoat. Use it on any glass surface to make water roll right off, keeping you safe in the rain.

Quick And Easy Gloss

For top-of-the-line paint maintenance, Secret Labs Ceramic Spray is the ultimate automotive sealer that offers professional-grade protection. Keep your car looking like it just rolled out of the showroom with this powerful ceramic spray coating that helps extend the life of your car's paint job and maintain a flawless finish.